Do you love Nerds candy? Then check out this fairly easy DIY coaster project by Waylight Creations! If you have never worked with resin before this is a great project to get your feet wet. Once you get the hang of it you can move onto more complicated tasks such as trays or even wall hangings! The process is exactly the same it just takes longer for larger pieces to dry.


To do this you will need resin, some time of mold to put the coaster into, a bowl, some Nerds candy, a hair dryer, and a very well ventilated space! If you have never dealt with resin before there are a few things to keep in mind. You do not want to inhale it so again, ventilation is key! It takes at least 12 hours to dry but you don’t want to mess with it or allow anything else to touch it until it is dry. Watch out for dust, pet hair and the like that will ruin your design.

If you don’t have a fancy silicone mold like the one in the video you can use any container such as a shallow bowl, can or glass that you only plan to use for craft purposes. Once you use something for resin do not eat or drink out of that container!

You can also you any type of candy you desire. Small toys, glitter, cake sprinkles or any small object will work the same way. Make sure you stir it well as shown in the video and it will stay where you put it. The design will look best if you can get the candy or whatever you are using spread out evenly. Using the hair dryer helps set your design in place. After you are happy with it leave it alone and let it dry. In 12 hours you will have your own one of a kind coaster!