This is an advanced DIY project to create a billiard stick table. It should take an afternoon if you do all of the steps in the video. A drill is a must for this project so ask a friend who has one to help you if you don’t own one.


First, you will need to find large industrial wooden spool. These can be found for free sometimes or you will see them often at flea markets. You can save some steps by finding one that is level. If you like the look of the wooden boards added then you will also need a wooden pallet board which you should be able to find for free as well. When working with either of these items always take the time to remove any protruding nails and give the wood a good sanding.

A stain on the wood could be applied or a white washed paint job. Think about where the spool will be in your home and pick the finish that fit in with your decor. The rope on the spool is a great idea to create some texture! Nailheads or rope could also be added to the edges of the spool for a different look.

Wooden spools make great end tables on their own. You could take the ideas from this project and use it to create a game table by adding a game board to the top either glued or painted on. Fishing poles could be placed in holes in a beach cottage. Hockey sticks could be placed in the holes for a man cave of a hockey lover! Caster wheels with locks might be added to slightly raise the table and move it out of the way when not needed. A bar cart would be another fun idea! All you need to do is get a wooden spool and let your imagination go to work!