This is an advanced DIY project. Paper and glue can be used to create amazing looking floors that replicate old stone. Do keep in mind that it will take several days to complete and should only be attempted if you really love the look! Remember that you will not be able to use the floors until you are completely done with the project as well.


For these floors you need enough kraft paper to cover them, glue, stain and polyurethane. In the video they used two different colors of kraft paper to create a look similar to old stone peeking up from an old floor. Other types of paper could be used or even paper bags that are sometimes used to create this look. Using new paper has some advantages as it will not rip or tear as easily. You can crumble and cut it as you wish.

After making sure you floor is clean lay out your paper in sections where you want to place it on the floor. Gluing comes next. You should do one section at a time. This makes the rest of the floor still usable as you move through the room. Starting with a small section allows you to see the process to make sure you like the look and make small adjustments as needed.

The room needs to be well ventilated as you work with the glue, stain and sealant. A fan would help it dry more quickly but again make sure fresh air is coming in as well. Keep kids and pets away from the floor while it is drying. Stray strands of pet hair is not the look you are going for!

In the video they used a cherry stone to replicate a red stone perhaps terracotta style floor. You could easily use other colors of stain to get a different look. Think about the other flooring and decor in your home can create a special look that is all your own!