This is a wonderful way to recycle something instead of having to pay the premium for a new item! If you use extended lighters to light candles or maybe fire up the grill then this DIY hack is perfect for you. It will take just a few minutes to complete by an adult.


To do this project all you need is an empty extended lighter, a new disposable lighter and a few screwdrivers. As always when dealing with flammable liquids, make sure you are working in a clean, ventilated, and well lit area. No open flames around the work area! Putting down a piece of cardboard to catch any drips that can later be safely disposed of is also a good idea. Just make sure it doesn’t slide or move around.

Make sure the extended lighter is completely empty first! Take care when taking it apart and make sure that no flammable liquid has spilt anywhere. Depending on your extended lighter it might not come apart quite as easily as in the video. Be sure not to break it when separating the pieces. Don’t lose the small screw! A piece of masking tape could be used to hold any small parts while working.

Again when disassembling the new disposable light be sure not to spill any of the liquid! Put the small pieces on a piece of masking tape if you took that extra step. Finding the same size of disposable lighter that is in the extended lighter is important. They do come in slightly different sizes and shapes if you are not familiar with them. Some are more rounded and some a bit more square. For safety’s sake get the same kind.

When testing the new lighter, do so away from the work area if you split any flammable liquid. Then enjoy the good as new extended lighter!