Silk screening t-shirts and painting fabric items is fun but the screens are expensive! This is an inexpensive DIY way to make your own designs at home with items you probably already have on hand. Save those pantyhose that have snags or runs in them just for projects like this! Embroidery hoops can be borrowed if you don’t have your own. Any fabric safe paint will work perfectly for your designs.


To ensure the pantyhose stay in the hoops you might want to tape the edges as well. Taping around the edges on the inside might also save you some time. You would not have to brush mod podge on those areas. Just make sure the design is not covered! Taping a favorite design will help it last longer as well if you plan to reuse it. Maybe you will want to make a batch for the whole team with just one hoop!

Choosing a design that is easy to transfer is key. Don’t pick images that have too many details. A strong image will have just a few shapes. Words would work great as well! Face profiles, animals or clip art found on the internet would all work beautifully. You could use existing stencil sheets or make your own with a printer to transfer as the design.

T-shirts are not the only fabric item that could be quickly painted with this technique. Why not try it with pillows, jean jackets, tea towels or any other fabric item that could use a bit of embellishment? Kids could add monograms or favorite animal shapes to their own items such as backpacks! Do you love those pillows with words across them? Make your own! After a little bit of practice you will have an easy way to paint any fabric items you wish!