This is a new twist on a childhood favorite craft project. You may have wrapped yarn around tacks or nails to make some similar fun art at summer camp when you were a kid! By taking the same concept but with a more polished look you can still create some amazing art for your home or office.


First decide on a pattern to lay out on your piece of wood. You can choose a word as shown in the video. Other options would be fun shapes! Stars or a flag are great ideas as well! How about a peace sign? A portrait of the family dog is even possible with an outline of the breed’s shape. Signs for kid’s doors with their names would be easy! Using cut out letters as shown in the video is a fast way to get your pattern on the wood or you can just trace a stencil with a pencil. Don’t use anything too dark or permanent as you don’t want it to show up later!

After you have chosen your pattern of choice all you need is a piece of wood, a hammer, some nails and some sort of string. You can use any yarn or a thinner thread would create a more modern look. Try finding some reclaimed wood if you wish to make a more rustic piece. Another option is to paint the wood. Perhaps you can find a piece with an old signage or words on it already to make your pattern from! Just use what you have or whatever you can find.

Kids can get on the fun once the pattern has been hammered in the wood. For a more elegant look choose just one color for your string. You can use the whole rainbow though! Pick colors to match your decor or just whatever your favorites are. Soon you will have a new unique piece of string art!