If you love strawberries then these homemade strawberry rolls will quickly become a favorite breakfast treat! This is also a perfect menu item for a weekend brunch or anytime you want to make something that is easy but extra special. They are made in a similar way to cinnamon rolls but add a fun fruit twist.


You will need bread dough to start. Any type of bread dough could be used even store bought and no one will be the wiser! Enough dough to make a loaf of bread is what you need. Make sure the bread has not gone through a second rising or the rolls will be flat.

Strawberries are amazing and should definitely be considered for this recipe. Any number of other fruits would work as well. Pick what is ripe, in season and fresh. Peaches, cooked apples or pears or even mixed berries would all be amazing! Once you have the hang of this recipe you could make fruit rolls to celebrate several of your favorite fruits throughout the year.

A wonderful tip in the video is the use of a sturdy string or kitchen twine to cut the delicate rolls once the fruit is in them. This will give you the cleanest cut and keep the fruit from falling out. A very sharp knife could be used but do watch for tearing! Be careful placing the rolls into a round pie or cake pan. Once they have risen don’t mess with them and let the oven take over.

Don’t skip the frosting on these! That is one of the best parts and gives them a slightly creamy texture. Again homemade is best and actually easy to make. You can use any frosting you like but a lemon frosting on sweet strawberry rolls might be one of the best combinations ever. Store bought frosting could also be used. As always use what you have to make something you will love!