This is a rather simple DIY project with a big impact. Letters are hot in home decor and this is a fun take on the trend! This would be perfect for a kid’s room, family room, nursery, day care or even an adult space that has a playful twist.


First decide what letter or perhaps entire words you are going to use. Obviously first or last initials are a good choice. Making words like play, eat, joy, live, or laugh are also a fun option! Get the whole family involved and make it a weekend project.

You can buy inexpensive pre-made wooden letters at craft stores or online. If you are handy with the right tools you can also cut your own! Cardboard is another option. I would glue two or more pieces together before cutting out the letter shape to make a sturdier piece if using cardboard. Painting the letters is optional as you might only see the sides depending on the thickness.

You will need several crayons to pull this off. Lay out all the crayons in the pattern you desire before gluing to make sure you have enough. You could create a random haphazard color palette, use all the colors, or stick to just a few. All will work for this project! Make sure they have the wrappers as the crayons will not stick to the wood without them! You can use craft or hot glue. Hot glue will be quicker but craft glue allows the kids to help with the project!

In the video the crayons are cut off with an exacto knife. You could skip this step if you wanted a looser letter or look for yours! You could also create random edges with some sticking out. As long as the letter is still discernible when you step away do whatever you like!