This is a fun DIY project to make your own wall lamp sconces. It is not too difficult as long as you can use a drill, and a small hand saw. You could complete this project in a few days giving plenty of time to let the glue dry when needed. There are several good tips you can use for other projects in the video as well!


The first part as always is planning the look of the sconce you want. If you have some small pieces of wood you hope to use then take a look at them first to get some ideas. Browse an online website featuring wooden lamp sconces to get even more inspiration if needed. Recreating a much higher end piece on your own is quite satisfying!

If you don’t have a saw you can get all the pieces you need cut at a local hardware store if you buy the wood there. Investing in a small saw might be more cost effective and save you money in the long run! The other tools used in this project such as bar clamps and a good drill are also good investments.

One of the best tips from the video is using edging strips. As shown in this project they can be used to cover less expensive materials such as the foam board on the top and shelf to create a higher end look. Putting edging around the sides finishes the look and hides any small imperfections. This is key to making your DIY work look just as good, or even better, than something bought at a store.

The mica flakes are another good tip as is using a glossy sealant. Having a few different finishes such as the warmth of the wood versus the gloss and sparkle of the mica creates a more luxurious end result. You could also use small mirror tiles instead to create a fun ambience for the light to dance around!