This is a simple DIY project to make a jewelry holder with some burlap and a picture frame. This project could be done quickly and would make a great gift for any jewelry lover! Teenagers would love this as well.


First, you need to get a picture frame big enough to hold several pieces of jewelry. A frame with a stand built in is perfect if you want the holder to sit on a dresser or vanity. You could easily hang it on the wall in a bedroom or perhaps closet too! If you need to paint the frame do so before assembly.

In the video earrings are hung from the holder. Necklaces, bracelets or even rings could also be attached by screwing some small cup hooks into either the burlap or the frame itself. Laying out all the jewelry you wish to put on the holder will help you get the perfect sized frame. This could also be used for either your favorite pieces as a showcase or the ones you use every day to have them in easy reach. A few could be made for different kinds of jewelry as well! Imagine a few of them hung on a wall to display all of your collection!

Burlap is an excellent choice because it will be durable and not show too many holes when the jewelry is removed. Burlap is rather difficult to paint but you could dip it into some fabric dye to get a more custom look! Pick a color to match your frame perhaps the same color as your wall to get a seamless look.

This project could also be used to create a message board! Use small pins to attach photos, reminders or mementos to the burlap. Hang it by the front door to create a message center for your family with a small basket holding paper and pens attached underneath. You will find tons of ideas for this project so stock up on frames when they are on sale!