This is a fun project for DIY lovers of all things that come in a bottle! Guys will enjoy this one as well as craft beer loving gals. This clever project is extremely simple and will take very little time to accomplish. Adults should do this project by themselves. It is for adults and by adults!


To make your own handy dandy bottle opener you just need a small piece of wood, a long bendable nail, a hammer and a pair of pliers. Let’s start with the wood. You can use any kind of wood that will safely hold a hammer. Just make sure it is small and comfortable enough to carry in your hand. I would be sure to smooth any rough parts with sandpaper. If you wanted something fancier you could paint or stain the wood as well. Feel free to keep it is simple or make it as sophisticated as you desire!

Be sure to mark the wood and the nail before hammering it in just as they do in the video. This will ensure you don’t make a mistake and have to start over after removing the nail! Make sure you have a safe grip on the nail so you don’t bang your hand of course.

To bend the nail easily the best way would be to use pliers just as they do in the video. If for some reason you don’t have access to pliers you could also bend the nail on a workbench with just some pressure. Don’t attempt this against any precious surfaces though!

Another step you could add would be to attach a cord maybe with two small nails on the other end of the wood. Then you could hang it on the wall in your kitchen or attach with a lanyard to your backpack when you go camping!