This is a super easy DIY project! If you have any scratches on wood using nuts is one of the easiest ways to remove them. It is safe, non-toxic and fairly inexpensive. It will only take a few minutes depending on how many scratches your piece has! Test it out on a small piece first and then use it wherever it is needed around the house!


It is important to remember that this is not a permanent solution! If you do a deep cleaning on the wood the scratches will come back. Light dusting will not affect them though. The oils in the nut will stay until you remove them with water or cleaners. It is a much more natural look than many of the pens on the market geared towards this job and again non-toxic! Non-toxic solutions are better for pets, and all the humans in your household! Permanent markers not specifically made for wood scratches should never be used on furniture and will result in a shoddy look.

First make sure you clean the wooden piece and let it dry completely. Very light woods such as oak or pine might work better with lighter nuts but really all nuts will work! The video says nuts out of the shell will work too and they will as long as they still have the oils in them. Rancid nuts should not be used for anything and should be thrown out.

This would be a great project for kids! Maybe once a month they could be rewarded for how many scratches they can find and fix as part of their chores? Or the whole family could race to tackle the scratches before company comes over. It is hard not to have fun with something as simple and easy as this project!