This is an easy DIY way to get a quick distressed painted look on anything made of wood! It will not take much longer than the original painting time and will save you a few steps in the process.Start with something small then try it on larger pieces if you love the results!


First you need your materials which are just a piece of wood, a brush or foam sponge, paint, Vaseline and a rag or stiff brush. Be sure to clean the wood and make sure it is completely dry before starting. Apply the Vaseline either just on the areas you plan to distress. Use light coats for the Vaseline and the paint!

The Vaseline will not dry quickly but it might take a bit more paint to cover it. Again always use light coats to ensure a lasting and even coverage. Big blobs of paint will run and ruin your piece! Take your time. If you are using a non-toxic paint, as you always should, then kids can help with these steps.

The trickiest part of this project is rubbing off the wet paint with a rag or a stiff brush. Again take your time. You can take off as much or as little as you want to get the look you are going for. Just remember that you can’t put it back on unless you paint over it! Less is usually more and think about how wood distresses naturally. The corners and edges get worn first while the middle section might just have a few marks here and there.

One other option would be to use two different colors of paint to make an even more aged look. To do this clean the wood then put on a thin coat of paint. Let it dry completely. Then put on your Vaseline. Add another paint color on top of it all. When you distress the paint away this time you will have the first color of paint! Use a rag to keep the first coat of paint from peeling away.