This is a fairly easy DIY project to create a fun art piece from an old picture frame and recycled tubes. It could easily be completed in an afternoon or broken up into several small task days. You could cut the tubes one day, glue them on another and then do the painting on the last day.


To do this project you will need some leftover toilet paper and/or paper towel tubes. Ask your family and friends to save theirs as well! Make sure they are clean with no little bits of paper or glue on them. How many tubes you need will depend on your pattern. Practice making flowers or whatever other shapes you want beforehand! In order for this design to work without the glass of the frame remember to interlock pieces with glue so that it flows all together.

The frame you use can be any size. Larger ones will have more impact but require a larger design. Having a piece of glass or plastic is key! A back is not required so look for old frames without backs that are being discarded. Metal or wood frames would work but a thicker wooden frame might work best.

To assemble your piece glue together the tube pieces into whatever pattern you chose. You can place them on the glass to make sure they fit and to keep it together. Remember you have to attach the pattern in some places! In the video other items were used under pieces of tube to keep it all level while drying that could be removed before painting.

Paint the entire piece including frame with tubes in a pattern on top of the glass. You will remove the glass after painting so just be sure to coat everything evenly. This looks striking painted all the same color. A metallic would look fantastic such as silver or gold! Be sure to give the piece plenty of time to dry before removing the glass and gluing onto your wall.